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SSLL 2022 All Star Tournament Teams

By SSLL Admin, 06/14/22, 9:15AM EDT


Rosters Announced!

Saratoga Springs Little League is pleased to announce its Little League Tournament teams! It should be an exciting tournament season!

The Saratoga Stars 8U Summer Tournament Team roster is not finalized just yet, stay tuned for that!

The teams representing Saratoga Springs Little League in the Little League tournaments for 2022 are:


11/12 Team:
Manager: Marc Sidney
Coaches: Steve Hemsworth, Mike Creager

# Player Name Team Name
 12  Andrew Slye Saratoga Honda
 99  Benjamin Isenovski Crest Care
 50  Bryce More Byrne Orthodontics
  5  Caden Cameron Moore Velocity
 78  Cole Canell Moore Velocity
 2   Derek Ogniewski Saratoga Honda
 10  Jack Sidney Saratoga Honda
  7   Jensen Ives Byrne Orthodontics
  9   Justin Lentini Saving Face Barbershop
 27  Liam Creager Saving Face Barbershop
 13  Liam Hemsworth Moore Velocity
 54  William Del Prete Saratoga Honda


10/11 Team:
Manager: Chris Lansing
Coach: Garrett Murphy

# Player Name Team Name
 34  Cody Nacua-Saum Crest Care
 44  Dylan Levanites Saving Face Barbershop
 20  Ethan Booth Crest Care
  1   Francisco Cupp Byrne Orthodontics
 24  Gavin Murphy Saratoga Honda
 22  Gian Edwards Byrne Orthodontics
  4   Jaxon Brahler Crest Care
 99  John Franck Saratoga Honda
 12  Jude Miller Saving Face Barbershop
 11  Knox Redman Moore Velocity
  2   Sam Cioni Crest Care


9/10 Team:
Manager: TJ Jordan
Coaches: Tim DeGregory, Brian Veitch

# Player Name Team Name
  9   Andrew DeGregory 32 Mile Productions
  5   Brodie Cameron Cartier Real Estate Group
 50  Bryce Floud 32 Mile Productions
  8  Cameron Jones Cartier Real Estate Group
 24  Chase Jordan Gateway Dermatology
 44  Chase Warren Comfort Kitchen
  2   Connor Veitch Comfort Kitchen
 21  Isaiah Kelly Gateway Dermatology
 12  Levi Cowieson 32 Mile Productions
  4   Lucas Gildersleeve Cartier Real Estate Group
 11  Sawyer Salmon Nye Street Partners
 99  William Crowe Nye Street Partners

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